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Our Story

This is a story about close friendship and a love of art and design. It begins when we met at the age of 14 in the arts high school where we both studied sculpture, ceramics, drawing and design.

Ilan and Oded at the art school

At the age of 21 we packed our bags and traveled together through Europe. We started in colorful Amsterdam, where we used to sell paintings in the streets. Passers by who saw the charming drawings were touched and bought them. After a while we moved to Spain, where in a majestic valley we built a ceramics studio in nature. We built the primitive stoves from wood and from an old washing machine. We created our first jewels from local stones that we found in nature. People loved our work, and we started selling to art galleries in Europe. Today, we spend all the time we can at our studio and enjoy every minute of it.

Ilan Oded Ev today

We dedicate ourselves to our creativity and skills. at workWe have developed techniques that resonate powerfully through our contemporary jewelry designs, with the craftsmanship and detail of old Yemeni and Middle Eastern cultures, creating a distinct look for each piece of jewelry. By working with sterling silver, gold and gemstones we create an unconventional mixture of contemporary and ethnic designs. The use of intricate filigree work in our designs demonstrates the impact of different cultures of our work.

Ilan at workOur designs the Oded & Ilan Collection were displayed for many years in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. We are presenting in the most important jewelry shows in the world and sell in Australia, the Middle East, Japan, the USA, Canada and elsewhere. In order to learn more about us you may look at the press link.

We will be more than happy to read your comments about our designs by e-mail.

EvFormer fashion designer and author of several bestselling interior design books, Ev Arad moved from Israel to Montreal in 2006. After many years of friendship and artistic collaboration, Arad and her fellow Israeli designers Ilan and Oded decided to turn their dream of selling their own jewelry line across Canada into a reality. Soon enough, Artisan Impact was created!

In May 2010, Ev Arad opened Impact Galerie in Old Montreal, where she represents Artisan Impact's line and the work of artists from all over the world. There you will find the most unique handmade items including jewelry, pottery, bags and accessories, furniture, paintings, prints and beautiful home decor. The various lines of jewelry and the beautiful home decor that fill Impact Galerie, provide jewelry lovers and collectors with an unconventional mixture of contemporary and ethnic designs. The gallery is located on 209 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest in Old Montreal.

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